Skills You Can Learn Fast to Start Making Money


Skills You Can Learn Fast to Start Making Money

The business world is a constantly evolving landscape that requires workers to regularly update their skill sets to thrive in changing industries.

Learning a new skill is a great way to break into a new industry, especially when you’re one step ahead of the curve and can apply something which isn’t common knowledge.

Learning new skills will make you more attractive to prospective employers while affording you the opportunity to make money on a freelance basis. Regardless of your preferred avenue, your skills will translate to money-making opportunities.

Though learning is commonly associated with a significant investment of time, there are many skills you can learn fast and start making money with. Some of these can be acquired in a matter of weeks or months, meaning learning lucrative industry skills is easier than you’d think.

Remember, the more skills you can bring to the table, the higher your industry value. You’ll differentiate from those who were previously counterparts, with more negotiating power and more to bring to the table at any given moment.


But what are some of the top skills you can learn quickly to make money?


Nearly every modern business practice requires typing in some shape or form, which when done correctly, can boost productivity dramatically. Touch-typing is great for unlocking your typing potential, where not needing to look at the keyboard elevates proficiency significantly.

Typing is especially important in industries like writing, administrative and data entry, but can ultimately be used in some capacity within every business imaginable. There are many free typing courses to take advantage of, though you can also pay for an accelerated learning experience.

Udemy offers numerous typing courses ranging from $10.99 – $199, which provide opportunities to improve your typing within a matter of days. Alternatively, you can use one of many free online tools, like those offered at or

Computer Programming

That’s right, you don’t necessarily need an extensive degree to understand enough about computer programming to apply it in a money-making fashion. You can enter the world of computing programming with relatively surface-level understanding.

This is perfect for today’s modern business climate, where there are many emerging roles within database management, software development, and technology-related roles. Programming skills can be learned in a matter of months, alongside skills like Microsoft Visual Basic, Access and Javascript. Some courses will, however, set you back a few hundred dollars or more.

Public Speaking

Public speaking cannot be underestimated as a skill that opens many career deals and will ultimately fast-track your personal development. Learning how to communicate effectively is a highly transferable skill, something which can be put to use in multiple contexts.

Public speaking is directly applicable within motivational speaking and leadership roles, but will ultimately breathe confidence into your daily working life. There are many public speaking classes taught online, at learning centers and community colleges.

Learning public speaking skills quickly, and affordably will enhance your career aspirations dramatically.

Google Ads Certification

In today’s digitally advanced business environments, being certified in Google Ads is a fantastic way to separate yourself from the rest. Google Ads is a highly sought after skill within digital marketing, advertising, and other related web marketing.

There are hundreds of free training videos online, which you can learn via the Google Academy for Ads. Here you can capitalize on videos that range from five minutes to more than an hour-long, with the luxury of working at your own pace.

Classes include search marketing, dynamic search, Ads display certification and Google Ads certification. Fortunately, you can register for free and quickly develop some advanced skills for learning money online.

Another Language

OK, so this does require a lot of work, but if you’re willing to put the hours in, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can learn another language. Modern software has made the process much easier, where interactive learning facilities learning by reinforcing and consolidating linguistic principles with contextual, real-life applications.

With another language under your belt, you can operate internationally, secure business contacts across borders, and travel abroad without worrying about language barriers. This can have a significant impact on sales and business development, meaning learning another language is highly sought after.

Bilingual workers are in demand, so it’s well worth exploring one of the myriad of online language learning courses that’s at your disposal.

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