How to Get Free Money

Get Free Money

How to Get Free Money

October 16, 2019
adminHow to Get Free Money

If you’ve ever heard of the saying ‘There is no such thing as free money,’ chances are you’ll struggle to embrace the realism of this article’s title.

Surely there aren’t ways to get free money online? Well, believe it or not, if you look in the right places you might just strike gold! There are various free cash-generating opportunities online, though of course you’ll be expected to do something in return.

The power of the internet can be leveraged to boost your savings. Making a few extra bucks per month can work wonders given the economic uncertainty, which impacts thousands of families across the globe.

But what are some of the best ways to shower yourself with free money?

Online Surveys

Giving your opinions for money is a great way to subsidize your earnings, where money doesn’t get much freer than simply voicing your views. Surveys can be completed in a fairly automated fashion without requiring much hard work at all.

There are so many online survey sites to choose from, but it’s best to choose one which has a storied history of consistently paying its users. Here are some of the most reputable survey sites to choose from:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • Vindale Research
  • iSurveyWorld
  • Pinecone Research

By signing up for one of these accounts, you’ll be on your way to earning money by reviewing everything from products to advertising campaigns. Some companies will even ship out products so you can answer questions on them.

Earn Points

There are some websites which enable you to earn points in exchange for gift cards. The fact that these points can be exchanged for tangible goods means you’re technically getting your hands on free money.

MyPoints is a great example, a website that offers points in exchange for just about anything you can think of! Receive points to use at stores like Best Buy, Nike, GameStop, and others.

Receive Paypal cash for as little as 3,790 points, or a gift certificate to Applebee’s for just 790 points! Sign up for a free account at MyPoints, and you can begin watching videos, shopping online or taking surveys, it really is that simple.


There are many fantastic money-making opportunities at Ebates, but one aspect of the platform which is well worth taking advantage of is its $10 welcome bonus. This can be achieved with a simple $25 purchase at a store like Amazon, Kohls, or Groupon, from which point you’ll receive a $10 bonus!

And that isn’t all. In fact, you can earn significant cash back by exploring the website before completing purchases at other stores. Ebates offers up to 40% cashback at certain stores, meaning you can save real cash by effortlessly browsing the website.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars pays in such a straightforward fashion you’ll be struggling to come to terms with the payouts in question. It seems intent on paying people for simple tasks, like completing questionnaires, playing games, completing surveys, and more.

You can even print grocery coupons for free cash, ultimately partaking in activities that can earn you $20-$30 per month! You’ll also get a free $5 for simply signing up, so if you’re interested in free money, you’d be sensible to explore the concept.


Trim is an online money-saving assistant that tracks your daily spending. It is an app that automates your day-to-day activities with the aim of helping you save money. Trim can be leveraged to remove recurring charges from services you rarely use, or to highlight a mass of saving opportunities from various aspects of your life.

It does so strategically, addressing debt, evaluating competitor prices, and ultimately ensuring you’re getting the best rates on the services you use.

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